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Between 1980 and 2000, Ucayali region was involved in violence acts that affected their inhabitants and the country in general. For that reason, the Peruvian Navy reinforces its presence in that region to fulfill the mission of pacifying this area, installing its headquarters in Pucallpa and its different units of Nueva Requena, Contamana, Atalaya, Puerto Inca, Aguaytía, San Alejandro, Von Humboldt, Zorrillos, Sepahua, Zungaro, Libertad, Huipoca and San Pedro de Chio towns.

Over the years, the Peruvian Navy has participated in the internal conflict against groups and elements outside the law, who wanted to impose themselves through terror; The main objective was to restore peace and provide the necessary security to achieve social development in the area assigned to it.

Although today the region has peace, the process of recovering peace completely has not been neglected, a fact by which the sailors continue their vigilance, rendering their service and finding themselves deployed in counterubversive bases in seven localities: Pucallpa, Zorrillos, San Alejandro , Huipoca, Aguaytía, Atalaya and Sepahua, as well as in the Fluvial Control posts of Captaincies and Coast Guard of Orellana, Contamana, Puerto Inca, Atalaya and the Port Captaincy of Pucallpa, who have the duty to control aquatic activities, The human security in the Amazon rivers and suppress any illegal act in the fluvial area of ​​its jurisdiction.