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Command of the Amazon Fluvial Flotilla

On January 5, 1864, the first fluvial flotilla formed by the "MORONA", "PASTAZA", "NAPO" and "PUTUMAYO" vans arrived in Iquitos, later in 1905 the BAP “AMERICA” was added to this flotilla.


The Flotilla of Fluid Units has had different names; In 1900 River Flotilla of Steam Boats of the Department of Loreto. The name of " Flotilla Fluvial " was changed in 1922 by the " Flotilla Fluvial de Guerra" and on March 30, 1925 was called "Flotilla Fluvial del Oriente".


Thus, with this name, on April 29, 1935, the gunboats fluvials BAP "AMAZONAS" and BAP. "LORETO" were incorporated and on October 3, 1951 were also incorporated the gunboats BAP. "MARAÑON" and "BAP. UCAYALI ", later, on April 13, 1976, the Hospital Ship BAP "MORONA" became part of the fleet.


In 1987 with R / M No. 1429 MA / CG dated on September 14, 1987, he was renamed as the Command of the Division of Cannons of the Naval Force of the Amazon and in 2002 he was changed again by the current, as Command of the Flotilla of Fluvial Units.


Among its activities in peacetime, apart from permanently preparing its personnel and operating its Units, participates in the Cruisers of Instruction with the Naval Cadets, Civic Action trips on the rivers Yavarí and Putumayo.