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Command of the Amazon Aero-Naval Squadron

The Aero-Naval Squadron is the dependent organ of the General Command of Operations of the Amazon and Fifth Naval Zone, which exercises naval operations of command, control, surveillance and the defense of the patrimony of the fluvial area of ​​the country, through the assigned airships; oriented to guarantee the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic in the area of ​​responsibility.




It is constituted by three line organs: the Operations Department, in charge of executing airborne operations, logistic support and preparation, coordination and control of the execution of missions and events arranged for the Aeronaval Squadron of the Amazon; as well as the training and enlistment of assigned air assets. Similarly, the Department of Maintenance and the Department of Electronics and Weapons, in charge of the programming, execution and control of the maintenance of first level aircraft of the Aeronaval Squadron of the Amazon, in order to keep them in optimum state of operation for the execution of assigned operations and events.




Organize, train and maintain in optimum state of enlistment to the assigned air assets and aircraft in order to carry out missions of exploration, reconnaissance, interdiction, fire support and others that have the General Command of Operations of the Amazon and Fifth Naval Zone.




To form a Squadron specialized in operations in the jungle that contributes to the security and strengthening of borders, for the aggrandizement of the Navy of Peru, the National Defense, the development of the Amazon and the Country




Through Supreme Resolution, the government entrusts the Navy's Hydro-Air Service with the air connection with the Peruvian Oriente, and in August 1927 the Itaona Air Base was created in Iquitos with K-55 Keystone aircraft. The aerial conquest of the jungle started from Ancón to San Ramón, crossing the Cordillera de los Andes by Ticlio through the flights made by the Commander (USN) Harold B. Grow and the 2nd Lieutenant (AP) Leonardo Alvariño Herr. Subsequently, the "National Airline to the East" is established. Uniting the route San Ramón - Iquitos, taking correspondence (postal service) and later, passengers, to different towns of our Amazon.