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Command of Naval Zone I

The Command of the First Naval Zone is based in the city of Piura. It was created by Supreme Decree No. 01 dated January 10th, 1962, beginning its activities in the Captaincy of Talara.

On May 28th, 1978, the naval superiority determined the transfer of the Commander of the First Naval Zone to the city of Piura, located on the seventh floor of the premises of the former National Bank, being appointed as first Commander Rear Admiral Jorge Hidalgo Reátegui.

In 1988, for security and space reasons, the Naval High Command ordered the transfer of the administrative offices to the area of Paita Naval Station. Subsequently, on July 27th, 1994, the offices returned to the city of Piura, as this city is considered the political, economic, social and military center.

The Command of the First Naval Zone has the mission to plan, organize, conduct and evaluate the development of the operations of its units and the activities destined to provide logistics support and security to the units and dependencies within the area of ​​its jurisdiction, in order to contribute to the fulfillment of the objectives of the General Command of Operations in the Pacific .

In a permanent dynamic, together with military and civil authorities of the region, this Naval Zone Commander, in the fulfillment of the mission entrusted, develops various activities of civic action, social assistance, humanitarian aid and support to the general population in case of emergency, increasing and consolidating the image of the Institution, safeguarding its traditions and relations with the community.

In the year 2017, there was an outstanding participation during the "El Niño Costero" Phenomenon through the activation of Rapid Intervention Companies for Natural Disasters (CIRD) in support of the most affected areas, due to the overflow of the Piura River and Tumbes River product of the heavy rains and electrical storms that whipped much of that region in the country.