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Command Special Operations Forces

The Special Operations Force is an important component of the Naval Power, and its mission is to organize, prepare, train, supervise and maintain in an optimal state of readiness Special Operations and Rescue Units, in order to provide operational elements capable of acting with success where required by National Interests; in this sense, this operative force groups the Naval Special Operators and the Salvation Divers of the Navy, courageous men who, in their respective fields of action, are capable of taking personal risks, in order to successfully achieve exceptional tasks that for many border with the impossible.

In doing so, the Special Operators emulate their daring predecessors of the Guerra del Salitre, Ensign of Frigate Carlos Bondy Tellería, who on July 3, 1880, through an action of sabotage with explosives in the bay of Callao, made a successful blasting of the Chilean ship Loa; and the Ensign of Fragata Decio Oyague Neyra, who on September 13, 1880 in the bay of Chancay, sank the Chilean schooner "Virgen de Covadonga", using a similar course of action. On the other hand, Salvation Divers emulate the diver José Hilario Morales, who served under the command of Grand Admiral Miguel Grau, and had the distinction of being one of the survivors of the Huáscar Monitor, since he was embarked on that ship carrying out risky works of diving, from May of 1879 to October 8 of that year, date in which he fell prisoner, in the epic of Angamos.

Special Operators assume as their philosophy of life the maxim "Man is the weapon", because they are characterized by having great physical and mental strength, based on solid moral values, which allows them to perform risky missions, stealthily infiltrating small groups by land, sea or air; to be able to identify and beat targets of high military value, which can not be reached by conventional forces, as they are heavily guarded within territories controlled by the enemy. The rescue divers are professional divers who work alone in the cold and dark depths of seas, rivers and lakes, to recover all or part of vessels, ships, submarines, aircraft, structures and / or people who have suffered some sinister in water.

Throughout its Institutional trajectory, this Force has acquired great reputation both nationally and internationally, because between the 80's and 90's its special operators developed innumerable combat operations in the Fronts of Ayacucho, Huallaga, Ucayali and the Cenepa, with an incredible record of zero casualties, and in the last decade they have been carrying out special operations in the convulsive area of ​​the VRAEM; likewise, divers from the Salvage Group managed to successfully rescue the naval personnel trapped in the BAP Pacocha submarine, when it was sunk 130 feet deep, and then, after a year of hard work, it was taken again to surface, when its refloating was achieved.

The sailors who make up the Special Operations Force are aware of the risk involved in their work and the commitment of honor they swore for their country; that is why when undertaking their dangerous missions, they entrust themselves to God invoking the prayer that says "Lord, please grant us both Victory and Return, but if it is to be one thing, O God, grant us only Victory"