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Naval Museum of Puno

Naval Museum of Puno


Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. | Reservation and Information: 2099300 annex 6794/6795




Av. El Sol Nº 725 - Puno

The Peruvian Navy represented by the direction of maritime interests , inaugurated on November 18, 1999 the Naval Museum -Puno "Commander Manuel Mariano Melgar Vega" in ceremony special and with presence of main authorities political and military. 

The purpose of creation of this museum is to promote the development of a solid maritime awareness and appropriate national maritime culture, making the identification of the population with the sea, rivers and Lakes the activities carried out in them. 

Management was initiated due to the request made by the captain of the port of Puno, Commander Dane Markovinovic Ramos for the creation of a Naval Museum based in Puno, in the Naval Museum, the  Director who decided to authorize in the view of the rich historical heritage has Lake Titicaca naval material. To make this work is working two years in a row, collecting 183 pieces, belonging to the Peru Naval Museum in Punena citizenship service from the inauguration. 

Between the heritage that makes up the Naval Museum in Puno, is all the story of documents the history of maritime, as the history of the beginning of our Titicaca Lake from Inca times, colonial, independence, contemporary, until our days. Also on the inside of the Museum you can see ships units as steam Yavari 1862, 1864 Huascar, B.A.P Puno, Honorable sword of Admiral Miguel Grau, and other heritages.