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Naval Museum, Callao

Naval Museum, Callao


Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. | Reservation and Information: 209 9300 annex 6794 | Facebook:@MuseosNavalesPerú


Adults S /. 5.00 / Senior Adult S /. 1.50 / Children or students S /. 3.00 | Miembros de las FFAA, PNP y familiares pagan el 50%. De la misma manera Adulto mayor y CONADIS exonerado de pago.


Avenida Jorge Chávez 123 - Callao, in Plaza Grau vicinity. / E-mail: dirintemar.museonavaldelperu@marina.pe / museonavaldelperu@gmail.com

ACCEDE AL TOUR VIRTUAL: https://tinyurl.com/jcuc3bnk
On October 8, 1957, at the Naval Center of Peru, chaired by Rear Admiral Guillermo Tirado Lamb, an exhibition of naval objects and memories of the Navy arranged by the Minister of the Navy, Rear Admiral Emilio Barrón, this was an effective preamble to the events of the year 1958.
A year later, on March 21, 1958, the naval cadets: Oscar Rizo Patron Belgrano, Fernando Grau Umlauff, Percy Perez Barlabás, Carlos Guzman Lanfranco, Alfredo Ibárcena Morán and Fernando Jiménez Román carried a relic of Grand Admiral Grau from Santiago de Chile and belongings of the hero, delivered in that capital by President Carlos Ibáñez del Campo to the Director of the Naval Academy Rear Admiral Florencio Teixeira Vela, those who remained in the custody of the aforementioned Alma Mater on the premises of the library, later they would go to the Naval Museum From Peru.
Captain Julio José Elías Murguía was the most important promoter in the genesis of the Naval Museum of Peru, which began effective activities on July 8, 1962, with its first director being Commander Elías, who held the position until his death ten years later. .
The Supreme Resolution number 31 of November 13, 1958 officializes the presence of the Naval Museum in the Institution, for which gradually the Naval Museum has expanded its facilities to receive environments transferred from the Naval Center of Callao, in what was the former headquarters of the Captaincy of Puerto Naval, as well as the area of ​​the old Mail and Telegraph of Callao, these contributions have allowed this vector of the national culture to cover more services in demand of the school and university population of Callao and Lima, also receiving visitors from other parts of the country and abroad.
NAVAL MUSEUM OF PERU TODAY The Naval Museum of Peru has 10 exhibition halls where we can see from vestiges of our prehispanic navigation, figureheads of the eighteenth century, naval artillery pieces of muzzleloader, as well as an important collection belonging to the stage of the Guano War and the saltpeter, highlighting its main figure, Admiral Miguel Grau Seminario. It should be noted that since last year the museographic script has been restructured by its director, the historian Contralmirante Francisco Yábar Acuña, having opened the Armada del Perú room 1821-1866 in which the origins of our Peruvian Navy are explained from navigation to propulsion to candle and steam with propeller. Another room of relevant importance is the Armada room of the South Sea, a Peruvian Navy, in which the deck of a ship has been represented, exhibiting in it the bronze cannon of the ship San Martin, which will participate in the Liberating Expedition of 1821 Currently, we have on display the exhibition "El Combate del 2 de Mayo" Duration: from May 2 to July of this year. In the Naval Museum of Peru, naval history is shown in archaeological testimonies, portraits, paintings, sculptures, weapons and scale models, all of which constitute the heritage of the Navy that guards the Naval Museum that has been operating since 1958, opening its doors to visitors and that currently allows to know the following rooms: Artillery Hall and Avancarga, Maritime Domain Room: Mar de Grau, Pre Hispanic Hall, Navy Room of the South Sea: A Peruvian Navy, Armada Room of Peru 1821 -1866, Republican Room of 1876-1900, Naval Force Hall, Antarctic Room and Altiplano and Amazon Room, bearing in mind that we have a temporary exhibition room that shows different exhibitions throughout the year. Director of the Naval Museum of Peru: Captain (r) John RODRIGUEZ Asti