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Vice Admiral GUISE Wright, Martín

Vice Admiral

GUISE Wright

(Gloucestershire 12/3/1780 - President, Guayaquil 11/22/1828). Son of John Guise and Elizabeth Wright, he served in the British Navy and participated in several actions during the Napoleonic War. When peace was reestablished in Europe, after the Battle of Waterloo, he bought and equipped a ship he offered to the patriots of Buenos Aires. Not being successful in this management entered the service of Chile like commander of the Lautaro participating in the expeditions on the Peruvian coast. In September of 1821 briefly assumed the General Command of the Navy of the Peruvian Navy. He resumed this function in 1823, as Vice Admiral, directing the campaigns on Intermediate Ports and the first blockade of Callao, as a result of which, in 1826, he was arrested in Guayaquil and processed in Lima. After Simon Bolivar retired, his degree was restored. When the war against the Great Colombia (1828) exploded, it assumed again the command of the Squadron, carrying out an iron blockade of the port of Guayaquil. In the attack on that city, from 22 to 24 November of that year, he found the death on board his flagship, the President. Was married to Juana Valle Riestra.