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    The Special Command "VRAEM", among other missions, aims to restore security and internal order in the Valley of the Apurimac, Ene, Mantaro and Urubamba Rivers. In order to fulfill this mission, it has support from the different subordinate components such as the Police Component, Special Forces Component, Air Component, Land Component and finally the Naval Component of the CE-VRAEM, which as part of the combat units deployed in the area of ​​responsibility, is committed to the Pacification and National Development, in strict compliance and respect for Human Rights, for which it has many bases along the rivers as control points, such as Pichari, Boca Anapati, Puerto Ocopa, Quiteni, Ivochote and Camisea.

    The Naval Component of the CE-VRAEM, as an important part and subordinate to the Special Command "VRAEM", performs among many functions, operational tasks with modern river units for interdiction and river combat of the type "Hovercratf", giving greater flexibility for the transport of combat platoons and alowing better river interdictions aboard these units with specialized personnel of Peruvian Marine Corps and Coast Guard with the purpose of repressing illicit activities, such as Illicit trafficking of drugs, illegal traffic in timber, trafficking of people and arms, among others, including the registration of vessels and/or river boats throughout the jurisdiction of the VRAEM region.

    In adittion, the Navy´s CE-VRAEM carries out road control, urban patrols and interaction with the local population through civic and social actions, giving hair cuts, medical and dental care, personal hygiene talks, children's entertainment shows and others, in coordination with the VRAEM Special Command and The Joint Command of the Armed Forces.

    In order to reach the operational objectives of approach and adhesion of the local population, the Naval Component through its bases actively interact in the smaller towns and communities, giving talks of civic-military nature, spreading the knowledge of the patriotic symbols and values, and celebrating and recalling the national heroic ephemeris of our armed forces.

    As a complement during scheduled operations, the Naval Component in support of the Special Command VRAEM conducts campaigns of social values, giving talks to the population about the importance of carrying high moral and ethical behavior that will have social repercussions, within a framework of respect for the law, regulations and human rights, noting also the legal consequences of involvement in illicit activities that only lead to delays and undermine the regional future, especially terrorism and illicit drug trafficking that generate a vicious circle of degrading and degenerative in society, added to the negative economic impact and negative result of development.

    To date, the Naval Component of CE-VRAEM has deactivated and/or destroyed 95 pools of maceration of coca leaf since 2016 and  has conducted the seizure of S /. 100,000.00, presumably from drug trafficking and money laundering, in the jurisdiction of the River Control Base of Quiteni.

    The VRAEM Special Command, in coordination with the CE-VRAEM Naval Component, and the TID Specialized Prosecutor's Office, will continue to join forces to eradicate the construction of coca leaf maceration pools, which destroy the population and ultimately the  stability of the Peruvian Government.

    The commitment of the Naval Component is reflected in the professionalism, value and dedication that characterizes its members to achieve the mission and tasks entrusted by the Commander of the Special Command of the VRAEM and the Joint Command of the Armed Forces.