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    The General Directorate of Captaincies and Coast Guard, Peru´s National Maritime Authority, has a national presence through fourteen port captaincies along the coast, four river captainships in rivers of eastern Peru, and a lake captaincy in Lake Titicaca.

    In this vast area, which has a broad function such as ensuring the safety of human life, protecting the aquatic environment and suppressing illegal activities in such aquatic environments and in coastal areas, extending its role in the chain of international trade in Cabotage and fishing.

    In the optimum fulfillment of the roles of the National Maritime Authority, it emphasizes the role played by the Coast Guard Operations Command, which has a system of stations equipped with state-of-the-art communications and computer equipment.

    These systems allow the Navy to exercise control of the aquatic traffic, by monitoring the entrance and exit of ships in national maritime domain, through a position and security information system, using the Automatic Identification System of Ships (AIS) and the System of Information and Monitoring of Water Trafficking (SIMTRAC), within the framework of the new provisions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

    Also, this system incorporates the International System COSPAS-SARSAT (Satellite Search and Rescue System), which receives global emergency signals through polar orbit satellites and geostationary signals, processing the information at a Mission Control Center, obtaining the position of ships, aircraft and people in danger.

    The optimum result is due to the preventive work carried out by the Port Captaincies along the coast, through informative talks to companies and in particular to people engaged in fishing and navigation.