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Navy participate in national night earthquake and tsunami drill

Nro. 38 - 2016

The Navy of Peru, as part of the National System of Civil Defense, will participate in the First Mock Earthquake and Tsunami Nocturne on Thursday, October 13, at 08:00 pm, implementing response mechanisms with the execution of operations of air and maritime transport by making use of BAP "Tacna" and two helicopters.

In order to achieve optimal development in that drill and taking as an observation point the city of Arequipa, the Navy has arranged naval units take care of the transfer of humanitarian aid and necessary machinery, to the affected areas and aeromedical evacuation of wounded to the nearest hospitals.

Significantly, this drill will be held with the participation of the National Civil Defense Institute (INDECI), the Armed Forces and the fire company.


La Perla, October 12, 2016