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Navy of Peru participates in exhibition exhibition called "Models Navales del Peru in the Pacific War"

Nro. 41 - 2016

The Navy of Peru and Express Arts (dedicated to the rehabilitation of historic centers), in order to inform the population, more information about our naval history, perform an exhibition show called "Models Navales del Peru in the Pacific War".

Scale models presented in this exhibition are the Monitor "Huáscar", the frigate "Independence" and corvette "Union"; designed and built by the renowned artist and passionate about marine engineering, who has been based on historical documentation provided by the Navy of Peru Chalo Guevara. 
This exhibition will be accompanied by audiovisual media that will expand the information on the main characteristics of the exposed models and their history in the service of the Peruvian Navy. 
It should be noted that the process of building these Navales models have lasted about two decades and will be available to be visited by the general public free from Oct. 19, Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 16: 00 hours. 
Note: It invites journalists from different media to cover the event or perform live links, on Wednesday October 19 at 7p.m. at Urban Hall - ex Wiesse Building located at Jr. Carabaya 501 (Corner shreds Carabaya and Miró Quesada - Historic Center of Lima).


La Perla, October 17, 2016