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In solemn patriotic ceremony and the glorious battle of angamos be commemorated

Nro. 35 - 2016

In the patriotic civic ceremony will be presided over by the President of the Republic, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard and will stage the Plaza Grau del Callao, October 8 Epic Naval Battle of Angamos, where he went to the glory evoke Grand Admiral of Peru, Don Miguel Grau Seminario.

The patriotic ceremony commemorating the 195th anniversary of creation of the Navy of Peru, and the 137th anniversary of the Glorious Naval Battle of Angamos, will be attended by Defense Minister, Mariano Fernández González; the General Commander of the Navy, Admiral Edmundo Deville del Campo; as well as civil and military authorities.

During the ceremony, foreign embassies, representative institutions of Puerto del Callao, patriotic and cultural organizations placed wreaths at the monument of Knight of the Seas.

In emotional moment, at 9:50 am, a minute of silence in homage to surrender Grand Admiral of Peru Miguel Grau Seminario Don, coinciding with the moment he rose to immortality.

The ceremony will culminate with the parade of honor of Naval grouping, as well as delegations of the Army, Air Force, and National Police of Peru.

Subsequently, the Chief of Naval Magazine held, and subsequently transferred to PFG BAP Mariategui, from where it will launch an offering to the sea in honor of the glory of Grand Admiral Grau.

Note.- Messrs journalists from different media are invited to cover the ceremony, for which they must carry their accreditation means they represent. For security reasons, admission will be until 08:00 am on Av Manco Capac. - Callao. Reports and accreditations with the 2nd Lieutenant CC. Yván Yungure Yauri at RPM: # 999772211 or at the e: indicating the media they represent, full name, identity card number and role.


La Perla, October 6, 2016