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Commemorative for the "Month of the Great Admiral of Peru, Don Miguel Grau Seminario and the Navy of Peru" activities

Nro. 34 - 2016

As part of the activities planned by the #MesdeGrau, free cultural events including guided tours of the Naval Museum, the Crypt of the Knight of the Seas, visits and exhibitions in commercial centers of the capital, open at the base continue Callao naval, sporting events, among others.

Thus, museums open their doors on Saturdays and Sundays of October, providing museological and cultural activities free of charge to the visiting public, with the support of guides and trained to guide and answer questions from the public professionals. 
Those interested can approach the following addresses: Naval Museum "Casa Grau" based in Lima Jiron Huancavelica 170-172; Peru Naval Museum located in Av Callao Jorge Chavez . 123; House Grau Jr. Museum of Piura in Tacna No. 662; and Naval Museum "Commander Manuel Mariano Melgar Vega" Puno located in Av. El Sol No. 725.

Similarly, the Naval School of Peru will open on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October, for the public to visit and learn for free the Crypt of the Great Admiral of Peru Don Miguel Grau Seminario. The tour includes the parade ground, the Indomitable Canyon, and the Palo Union.

In that same cultural and interaction with the public line, the traveling exhibition at the Mall South Mall in Juan de Miraflores will be held on October 23 and October 30 in the North Plaza Shopping Center in Independence, where the public will the opportunity to appreciate ships and submarines to scale, with the pleasant company of our musical band musicians.

Also, the event "Open Doors" in the Callao Naval Base, 15 and 16 October, will be held for citizens and general public can tour the facility and appreciate units Surface and Subsea and static demonstrations Naval aviation, Marines, Special Operations and Naval Police. 
These and other activities are conducted as part of the Month of the Great Admiral of Peru, Don Miguel Grau Seminario and the Navy of Peru, on the occasion of the 195th anniversary of Creation of the Navy of Peru and the 137th anniversary of the Glorious Naval battle of Angamos.


La Perla, October 6, 2016