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Rear Admiral Sub Director de la Dirección General de Educación de la Marina Yuri Antonio Tolmos Mantilla

Sub Director de la Dirección General de Educación de la Marina

Rear Admiral Yuri Antonio Tolmos Mantilla

He was born on October 7, 1967. He joined the Peruvian Naval Academy on March 1, 1985, graduating as Ensign on January 1, 1990.

He is a specialist in Surface Weapons Engineering and Surface Warfare. Graduated in the following programs: Basic Intelligence, Basic Staff, Administration and Business Management, Command and Staff, Technical Inspections of Minor Vessels, and High Command Program. He has a Diploma in Security, Defense and National Development

He is been on board Peruvian Navy ships like B.A.P. "Villavisencio" as Chief of the 1st. Division of the Armament Department, Artillery Officer on B.A.P. "Villavisencio", Head of the Armament Department on B.A.P. "Sánchez Carrión", Shooting Control Officer on B.A.P. "Carvajal", Executive Commander on B.A.P. "Herrera", and on B.A.P. "Aguirre" and Commanding Officer on B.A.P. "Huntsman".

During his tenure ashore, he has been Staff Officer of the Naval Infantry Force, Chief of the 2nd. Platoon of "D" Company in the Light Infantry Battalion No. 3, Chief of the Division of Physical Training in the Naval Academy, Assistant Officer in the Navy General Command, Head of the Engineering Division in the Naval Academy, Official Secretary of the Deputy Chief of the Navy General Staff, Chief of the Personnel and Intelligence Section in the Commander of the Surface Flotilla No. 1, Official of the Ad-Hoc Secretariat in the Secretariat of the Navy Command General, Chief of the Planning Section in the Command of the Surface Force, Official Secretary in the General Directorate of Navy Personnel, Assistant Inspector in the General Directorate of Captaincies and Coastguards, Deputy Attaché in the Naval Attachment to the Embassy of Peru in the United States of America, Head of the Plans Division of the Department of Planning, Projects and Doctrine in the Navy General Staff, Head of the Department of Inspections in the General Inspectorate of the Navy and Director of the Institute of Naval Public Technological Higher Education - CITEN.

In 2018, the Government confered him the rank of Rear Admiral and appointed him as Director of the Navy Material Contracts.