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Rear Admiral Commander of the Naval Aviation Force Santiago Cobos Chavarri

Commander of the Naval Aviation Force

Rear Admiral Santiago Cobos Chavarri

He was born on July 30, 1969. He entered the Navy on February 26, 1986, graduating on January 1, 1991 as Alférez de Fragata.

He is qualified in Naval Aviation, and Electronics and Communications. He has followed courses in Correspondence Intelligence, Basic Staff, Command and Staff in Brazil, Computer Security for Counterintelligence Officers, Superior Defense and Hemispheric Security, Flight Simulator of the Beechcraft Aircraft B-200. He has a Master's Degree in Administration and a Master's Degree in Defense and Security Studies from the Americas.

During his service on board he served as Chief of the 3rd. Division of the Department of Operations, Communications and Head of the 1st. Logistics Division at BAP Villavisencio.

He has been Head of the Communications Department at the Aeronaval Base of Callao, Head of the Maintenance Division in the Aeronaval Squadron No. 32,
Head of the Department of Operations and Instruction in the Aeronaval Squadron No. 31, Head of the Telematic Center of Iquitos, Officer Secretary in the Command of the Fifth Naval Zone, Assistant Officer in the General Directorate of Marine Material, Head of the Operations Department in the Air Force Squadron No. 11, Second Commander of the Aeronaval Exploration Squadron, Official Secretary in the Navy's General Directorate of Economy, Deputy Chief of the Division of Enlistment and Logistics of the Department of Policy and Supervision in the General Staff of the Navy, Commander of the Aeronaval Instruction Squadron and Commander of the San Juan Naval Base, Deputy of the President of the Republic, Commission of the Service Abroad in charge of the General Directorate of Navy Personnel, Chief of the Command Section and Control and Communications in the General Command of Pacific Operations, Commander of the Aeronaval Group No. 1, Chief of the General Staff in the Command of the Naval Aviation Force, Head of the Office of Multidimensional Security in the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, Head of the Supervision Department in the General Staff of the Navy.

In 2019, the government granted him the promotion to the rank of Rear Admiral and appointed him as Commander of the Naval Aviation Force.