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Rear Admiral Commander of the Submarine Force Percy Antonio Pérez Bramosio

Commander of the Submarine Force

Rear Admiral Percy Antonio Pérez Bramosio

He was born on September 21, 1967. After completing his school studies he entered the Naval School of Peru on March 1, 1985, graduating with the rank of Alférez de Fragata on January 1, 1990.

It is qualified in Submarines. He has followed the Correspondence Intelligence Course, Basic Staff Course, Submarinist Officer Course, German Language Course and Command and Staff Course in Spain. He has also completed the High Command Program and holds a Master's Degree in Maritime, Port and Fishing Administration.

During the time he served on board, he served as Head of the Logistics Department at B.A.P. Sánchez Carrión, Head of the Administration Department at BAP Pisagua, Head of the Department of Arms System at BAP Arica, Head of the Department of Engineering at BAP Arica and Commander of BAP Arica.

He has been a Student Officer of the School of Qualification (Submarines), Head of the Department of Administration in the Light Battalion of Marine Infantry No. 6, Head of the Marine Division in the Direction of Personal Administration of the Navy, Sub-Chief of the School of Submarines, Head of the Bureau of Enlistment of the Logistics Section in the General Command of Naval Operations, Official Student of the Command and Staff Course in Spain, Chief of the 4th. Section of the General Staff (Logistics) in the Commander of Submarines and Head of the Office of Planning in the Industrial Services of the Navy - Callao.

He has held other important positions as Chief of the Operations Section in the Command of the Submarine Force, Head of Supply in the General Command of Operations of the Amazon, Chief of the Shipping Service of the Amazon, Student Officer of the High Command Program charge of the Superior School of Naval War, Head of the Superintendence of Private Customers in the Industrial Services of the Navy - Callao, Defense Attaché to the Embassy of Peru in the Federal Republic of Germany concurrent in Poland and Czech Republic, Chief of Staff in the Command of Submarine Force and Director of Technical Standards of the Material.

In 2018, the government granted him the promotion to the rank of Rear Admiral and was named Commander of the First Naval Zone.

In 2019, he assumes the position of Commander of the Submarine Force.