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Rear Admiral Director of the Naval War College Jorge Enrique Andaluz Echevarría

Director of the Naval War College

Rear Admiral Jorge Enrique Andaluz Echevarría

He was born on September 21, 1968. He entered the Navy on February 26, 1986, graduating on January 1, 1991 as Alférez de Fragata.

It is qualified in Surface Warfare, Surface Weapons and Missiles. He has followed the Basic Course of General Staff, Command and General Staff Course and the Naval High Command Course at the Naval War College, as well as the Strategy and Defense Policy courses at the Center for Strategic Hemispheric Defense Studies. Perry Center "of the United States Defense University and the Course of High Strategic Studies for Ibero-American Officials in the Higher Center for National Defense Studies of Spain.

He has completed a Master's in Political Science with a major in International Relations from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. He holds the academic degrees of Bachelor in Naval Sciences, Master in Maritime Strategy and Master in Maritime Policy from the Naval War College.

During his service on board he was Officer of Artillery of Control of Shot, Officer of Missiles, Official of Electricity, Head of the Department of Logistics and Head of the Department of Armament, in the BAP Ferré, in the BAP Villavicencio and in the BAP Mariátegui. He has been Second Commander and Commander of BAP Quiñones. He has also served as Chief of the Evaluation, Doctrine and Training Negotiations in the Pacific General Operations Command and, as a Liaison Officer to the Command of the Fleet Forces of the United States Navy.

He has been Second Commander of the Naval Station "El Salto", Sub-Head of the Surface War College, Official Secretary in the Directorate of Maritime Interests, Chief of the 1st. Section in the Secretariat of the General Command of the Navy, Official Secretary and Communications in the General Inspectorate of the Navy, Official Secretary in the General Staff of the Navy, Sub-Secretary in the Secretariat of the General Commander of the Navy and Sub -Director of the Naval School of Peru.

In 2019, the government granted him the promotion to the rank of Rear Admiral and appointed him as Director of the Naval War College.