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Rear Admiral Comandante de la Fuerza de Superficie Gian Marco Chiapperini Faverio

Comandante de la Fuerza de Superficie

Rear Admiral Gian Marco Chiapperini Faverio

He was born on July 15, 1967 in Lima. He studied at the Antonio Raimondi Italian School, entering the Navy of Peru on March 1, 1984, graduating on January 1, 1989 as Ensign of Frigate.

He is qualified in Surface Warfare and Systems Engineering. Graduated from the Administration Course, Intelligence Course, Basic Staff Course, as well as the Command and Staff Course at the Naval War College.

He holds a Master's Degree in Information Technology and Development and National Defense, and has also taken the Institutional Quality Management Course at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

In the Operational area, he worked as a Staff Officer in the areas of Electronics, Communications and Naval Operations in the BAP Diez Canseco, BAP Herrera, BAP Santillana, BAP Admiral Grau, Patrol Chief of the Light Battalion of Combat No. 2 (BALICO II). He was Second Commander of the BAP Larrea and Commander of the BAP Sánchez Carrión, he served as Chief of the Operations Section of the Corvettes Misileras Division Command and Division of Missile Fighters and Destroyers respectively, as well as Planning of the General Command of Pacific Operations and Operational Maritime Command serving as Commander of BAP Villavisencio; later he assumes as Chief of Staff of the Commander of the Surface Force.

In the planning and administrative areas, he has held various jobs in Dependencies of the Navy, in which the Chief of the Security Department of the La Perla Naval Barracks, Chief of the Computer Office of the Naval Weapons Directorate, Officer Secretary, stands out. of the Directorate of Personnel Administration, Head of the Commercialization Department of the Commercial Shipping Office, Head of the Office of Systems of the Marine Industrial Service, Official Secretary and Communications of the General Command of the Navy, Deputy Director of the Center of Naval Tactical Training and Head of the Department of Education of the Welfare Directorate; as well as Attaché of Deputy and Naval Defense to the Embassy of Peru in the Republic of Ecuador.

In 2016, the government grants him the rank of Rear Admiral and is designated as Information Director of the Navy.

In 2019, he assumes the position of Director of Health of the Navy.