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Rear Admiral Director of the Navy Communication César Manuel Caballero Roncal

Director of the Navy Communication

Rear Admiral César Manuel Caballero Roncal

He was born on August 3, 1965. He joined the Peruvian Naval Academy on March 1, 1984, graduating as Ensign on January 1, 1989.

He is a specialist in Systems Engineering. Graduated in the following programs: Naval Analysis and Artillery, Basic Intelligence, Basic Staff, Command and Staff, High Command at the Naval War College. He has completed the Advanced Management Program at the Business Center of Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, Postgraduate Program in Digital Communications Engineering at the National Telecommunications Research and Training Institute, Specialization Program for Public Investment Projects in the Graduate School at Universidad del Pacífico, as well as the Diploma in General Management at the School of Management at Universidad de Piura. He holds Doctor degrees of in Systems Engineering, and Masters in Maritime Policy, Maritime Strategy, as well as, Bachelor of Naval Maritime Sciences. 

He is been on board Peruvian Navy ships like on B.A.P. Herrera as Chief of the 1st. Armament Division and Head of the Construction Department on B.A.P. Lobitos, as well as, Squad Leader of the Light Combat Battalion N ° 1.

During his tenure ashore, he has been Chief of Systems Bureau of the 5th. Section in the  General Command of Naval Operations, Head of the Systems Office in the Directorate of Instruction, Head of the Systems Office in the Navy General Command, Chief of Plans, Programs and Budget Section of the Secretariat in the Navy General Command, Head of the Statistics Division of Plans, Programs and Budget Department in the General Staff, Head of Intelligence Department in the Command, Deputy Director of Directorate of the Navy Communication, Chief of the Department of Command and Control in the 6th. DIEMCFFAA in the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, Head of Investigation Department of the General Inspectorate in the Ministry of Defense, Head of the Department of Planning, Projects and Doctrine of the Navy General Staff and Deputy Officer in the Delegation of Peru before the Inter-American Defense Board.

In 2016 the government confered him the rank of Rear Admiral, being appointed as Head of the 2nd. Division of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces.

On January 1, 2018, he assumes the position of Director of the Navy Communication.