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Rear Admiral Sub Chief of the General Staff of the Navy César Ernesto Colunge Pinto

Sub Chief of the General Staff of the Navy

Rear Admiral César Ernesto Colunge Pinto

He was born on December 22, 1964 in Lima. He entered the Naval School of Peru, graduating on January 1, 1987 as Alférez de Fragata.

He is qualified in Naval Engineering and Surface Warfare. He has followed the Basic Staff Course, Command and Staff Course and High Command Course at the Center for Higher National Studies - CAEN.

He holds a master's degree in Defense and National Development from the Center for Higher National Studies - CAEN and a master's degree in Administration from the Universidad del Pacifico, as well as graduates in the Advanced Management Program at the San Ignacio de Loyola University and in Senior Management at the University of Piura.

During the time he served on board, he served as a member of the BAP Villavicencio, BIC Humboldt, BAP Mariátegui and BAP Carvajal. He was Second Commander of BAP Supe and BAP Carvajal, as well as Commander of BAP Bolognesi.

He has been Head of the different Divisions of the Engineering Department of the Missile Frigate Units, Superintendent of Surface and Head of the Office of Agreements of the Sima Callao Naval Repairs Headquarters, Officer of the Sub-Zone Secondary Commander's Office Litoral Center, Official Secretary of the School Qualification for Officers, Deputy to the Deputy Attaché Attaché of the Defense Attaché to the Embassy of Peru in Germany, Head of the Logistics Section of the Commander of the Squadron, Official Secretary of the General Directorate of the Material of the Navy, Chief of Bureau of Logistics Plans and Infrastructure and Official Secretary of the General Command of Operations of the Pacific, Chief of the 2nd. Section of the FE Department of the 2nd. DIEMCFFAA of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, Chief of the Industrial Service of the Navy - Iquitos, Chief of the Office of the Internal Inspectorate and of the Office of Patrimonial Assets of the General Directorate of Marine Material, Chief of the General Staff of the Command of the Surface Force, Director of Material Contracting and Director of Welfare of the Navy. In 2017, he is appointed as Director of Maritime Interests.

In 2019, he assumed the position of Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Navy.