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Captain Defense Attaché to the Embassy of Peru in the Republic of Panama Carlos Grover Guerrero Malpartida

Defense Attaché to the Embassy of Peru in the Republic of Panama

Captain Carlos Grover Guerrero Malpartida

He was born on May 24, 1971. He entered the Navy on March 1, 1989, graduating on January 1, 1994 as Ensign of Frigate.
He is qualified in Surface Warfare, and Hydrography and Navigation. He has followed the basic courses of Intelligence, Basic Staff, Command and Staff, Naval Teachers, and High Command. He has a Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, a Master's Degree in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources, and a Master's in Maritime Strategy.
During his service on board, he was Head of the Department of Armament and Construction at BAP Callao, Second Commander of BAP Melo, Commander of BIC S.N.P.2, and Second Commander of BIC Humboldt.
He has been Head of the Construction Division in the Naval Protection and Security Service, Head of the School of Recruits in the Command of the Fifth Naval Zone, Officer of the Division of the Navigation Department in the Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation, Chief of the Department of Electricity in the BAP Almirante Grau, Head of the Department of Transportation in the Welfare Department, Head of the Naval Training Department of the Center for Technical Instruction and Naval Training, Commander of the Flotilla of Fluvial Units of the Amazon, Edecan of the President of the Constitutional Court in charge of the Personnel Directorate of the Navy, Officer of the 4th. Section of the General Staff in the General Command of Operations of the Pacific, Subdirector of Contracts of the Material, Head of the Department of Antarctic Affairs in the Direction of Hydrography and Navigation, and Commander of the BAP Carrasco.
He currently serves as Defense Attaché to the Embassy of Peru in the Republic of Panama.