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Rear Admiral Commander of the Surface Force Augusto Octavio Bohorquez Villalta

Commander of the Surface Force

Rear Admiral Augusto Octavio Bohorquez Villalta

He was born on June 8, 1964 in Lima. He entered the Naval School of Peru on February 28, 1983, graduating on January 1, 1988 as Alférez de Fragata.

He is qualified in Surface Warfare and Surface Weapons Engineering. He has completed the Basic Staff, Command and General Staff, High Command, Command of the Combined Component of the Maritime Force, Threats and Public Security Policies in Latin America. He is a graduate of the Specialization Program for Financial Control Executives in Business Management, the Senior Management and National Security Program, and the Business Administration Program. He is the Lead Auditor of the ISO 9001-200 Standard by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. Holds a Master's Degree in Maritime and Port Administration.

During his service on board he was Chief of Construction of the Frigate Misilera BAP Montero, Head of Control of Shooting and Missiles of the Frigate Misilera BAP Carvajal, Chief of Armament of the Corvette Misilera BAP De Los Heros, Chief of Armament of the Frigate Misilera BAP Villavisencio, Commander of the Missile Corvette BAP Herrera and Commander of the Misilera Frigate BAP Bolognesi.

He has worked as Head of Heavy Machinery of the Naval Base of Callao, Counter-Subversive Base Commander of the Light Infantry Battalion No. 2, Chief of Weapons Analysis of the Naval Weapons Directorate, Chief of Programming of the Naval School of Peru, Industrial Head of the Industrial Services of the Navy in Iquitos, Head of Logistics of the Commander of the Squadron, Head of the Personal and Welfare Section of the Policy, Strategy and Supervision Department of the General Staff of the Navy, Head of the Command Department and Control and Electronic War of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, Head of the Personal and Welfare Division of the Department of Policy, Strategy and Supervision of the General Staff of the Navy, Attaché of Deputy and Naval Defense to the Embassy of Peru in the Republic Argentina concurrent with the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, Second Commander, and Chief of Staff of the Surface Force, Dire Naval Enlistment

In 2017, he is appointed Secretary of the General Commander of the Navy. In 2019, he assumes the position of Commander of the Surface Force.