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Rear Admiral Joint Command of the Armed Forces Andrés Arriarán Schaffer

Joint Command of the Armed Forces

Rear Admiral Andrés Arriarán Schaffer

He was born on January 7, 1969. He entered the Naval School of Peru on March 1, 1985, graduating on January 1, 1990 with the rank of Alférez de Fragata.

He is qualified in Surface Warfare, Electronics and Communications and Weapons Engineering (Missiles). He has followed the basic courses of Nuclear Biological and Chemical Warfare, Basic Operations CIC. 2-2, Intelligence by Correspondence, Basic Staff, Command and Staff, Joint Operations Training, Command and Staff in the High School of Chile, as well as the High Command Program, Naval Teachers, and Internal Control. He has a Master's Degree in Computer Science.

During his service on board he has been Chief of the 1st. Operations Division at the BAP Almirante Grau, Communications Officer at BAP Almirante Grau, Head of the Armament Department at BAP Santillana, Head of the Armament Department at BAP Montero, Second Commander of BAP Montero and Commander of BAP Aguirre.

He has served as Chief of Patrol in the Light Battalion of Combat No. 4, Head of the Department of Otomat in the Missile Station, Commander of the Missile Station (in two periods), Chief of the Intelligence Bureau of the Second Section in the General Command of Operations of the Pacific, Chief of the Surface War College, Chief of the Operations Section of the General Staff in the Command of the First Naval Zone, and Deputy Director of the Superior School of Naval Warfare.

In 2018, the government grants him the promotion to the rank of Rear Admiral and assumes the position of Commander of the Third Naval Zone.

In 2019 he is appointed to the Joint Command of the Armed Forces.