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Commander-in-Chief of the Peruvian Navy

<Almirante> Alberto Alcalá Luna


Almirante Alberto Alcalá Luna

Admiral Aberto Alcalá, is a native of Lima and joined the Navy in 1981, receiving his commission as an ensign from the Peruvian Naval Academy in 1986. Holds a master’s degree in Strategic Studies from the Naval University Institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina and graduated from the Command and Staff Course at the Peruvian Naval War College in Callao.

He is a Surface Warfare officer qualified in surface weapons. At sea, has deployed with BAP Sánchez Carrión, BAP Diez Canseco, BAP Aguirre and BAP Montero. He was Executive Officer of BAP Mariátegui and commanded missile frigate BAP Quiñones. Has as well served in the staffs of the Ucayali Front, Surface Force Command and Pacific Operations Command, and as Deputy Head of the V Coast Guard District.

Ashore, has served on various opportunities in positions under the Naval Personnel Administration Directorate, Naval General Staff and the Secretariat of the Navy General Command; was Director of the Naval Technical Instruction and Training Center; was Aide-de-camp to the Chairman of the Congress of the Republic, and Naval Attaché to the Embassy of Peru in the United States of America.

Was promoted to flag rank in 2013 and has since served as Chief of Staff of the Amazon Operational Command; Director General of Human Resources of the Ministry of Defense; Commander of the Surface Force; Chief of Staff of Pacific Operations General Command. In 2019, the government grants him the promotion to the rank of Vice Admiral and appoints him as Director General of Navy Personnel and more recently as Director General of Captaincies and the Coast Guard.

On August 3, 2021, Admiral Alcalá assumed command as General Commander of the Peruvian Navy.